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BESORGT — A german word with various translations and even more ways to interpret. One can have run their errands at the supermarket or given it to somebody last night. If you are besorgt you can also be a concerned citizen, be worried about a person or even beat them up.

You are invited to give your personal interpretation of this topic, which will give a frame for the YUP-Festival 2019, which will take place in different locations in Osnabrück, Germany.

As a curatorial collective, YUP wants to support emerging Performance Artist, by giving them a platform to present their work in interesting settings and creating a network to bond with fellow performers. And no need to worry, there will be an adequate financial reward for your creativity.

We welcome all genders and ages and are open for live group or single performances in public or indoor space, performance art related installations or videos. We are excited to get to know you and receive your submissions via our application form: