Open Cally
Making Futures School


Making Futures School launches its open call for participation: Over the course of two weeks, 70 participants are invited to take part in a diverse curriculum facilitated by international practitioners in the field of spatial practices. Acting as a non-disciplinary learning environment, the School proposes, designs, builds, negotiates, maintains, performs and celebrates an educational and convivial space in and around Haus der Statistik, Berlin. At the same time, it becomes a dynamic actor within a process of local transformation, serving as as a common sphere of action between participants, neighbours and civic society.

Making Futures embraces prevailing narratives of uncertainty through the lens of criticality and honours minor acts by focusing on what we have at hand. We propose to work towards building up alliances and making transversal connections with people across, disciplines, institutions and territories that transcend the boundaries of the academic world and go beyond the borders of Europe.

After a series of short-term action-led research activities – a Plug-In at the Floating University in Berlin, three Mobile Workshops in Istanbul, Palermo, and Oberweissbach – Making Futures School situates its school in Haus der Statistik to explore forms of productive cooperation, exchange, solidarity and living. These activities will entail a mix of process-driven as well as applied research strategies, including – but not limited to – research-based interventions throughout the building; working with the community to propose pioneer uses; or rethinking education in spatial practices.